Wednesday, 30 May 2018

 funnel- use to transfer liquid to another container.

evaporating dish- use to evaporate solvent from a solution

graduated cylinder- use to measure the volume of a liquid

 test tube- use to hold liquid

 clamp- use to hold test tube up

 pipette- use to transfer small amount of liquid

stirring rod- use to stir a solution

 scoopula- use to hold a small amount of solid

inoculating wire -is used in the cultivation of microbes on plates by transferring inoculum for streaking.

watch glass - is a circular concave piece of glass used in chemistry as a surface to evaporate a liquid, to hold solids while being weighed, for heating a small amount of substance and as a cover for a beaker.

specimens bottle - use to contain specimens

beaker- use to hold solid or liquid, can be used to roughly measure the volume of a liquid

 Erlenmeyer flask- use to hold liquid, and preventing it from spilling.

Heat shield- use to put over a fire to prevent it from wind

Friday, 16 June 2017

                Reflect on percent and decimals

        Dear, Kru Gary. We recently finished the topic percent to the decimal, decimal to percent, and percent to fraction. It was pretty easy in my opinion because I have studied it before. But I still have some flaws because I still don't calculate numbers very accurately.